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    Laser Cleaning

    Using a beam of focused condensed light, our laser cleaning equipment excites electrons on the surfaces and causes a reaction called ablation. This essentially “blows-up” layers of dirt, leaving the underneath surface untouched. The ablation process leaves behind only very small dust particles, which can then be removed using a vacuum. Deep Cleans Canada Laser Cleaning services uses no solvents or chemicals, making it a much safer and less hazardous approach than other cleaning options (i.e. dry ice blasting, media blasting, etc.).

    Laser cleaning is great for textured surfaces, antique restoration, rust removal, and paint removal. It is exceptionally useful when you are looking to remove build-up on a delicate surface. Laser cleaning can also be used for larger equipment and vehicles, by integrating the laser technology with robotics to allow for automation. This is particularly useful for larger jobs in manufacturing facilities, or for prepping surfaces on commercial vehicles and aircraft.

    Contact us for more information on laser cleaning and its applications.