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    When the Job is Too Tough to Handle, call an expert!

    Heavy build-up removal, delicate restorations, germ prevention, and so much more! Deep Cleans Canada has you covered with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable specialists.

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    Equipment Deep Cleaning

    Our highly trained staff can restore even the dirtiest equipment to near new condition. Using the latest in cleaning equipment and products (as well as good old elbow grease), we have helped save companies thousands of dollars by being able to restore equipment, extending their life and improving productivity.

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    BBQ Cleaning

    Is your BBQ ready for Grilling Season? We provide full service BBQ steam detailing on location. We remove all grease and carbon build up as well as polish and perform a safety inspection.

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    Disinfecting Services

    Deep Cleans Canada is proud to use the PROAXION E-Mist system as a revolutionary new contactless disinfecting method, making treatments faster, more efficient, and more effective.

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    Exterior Cleaning

    Our exterior cleaning services focus on items which require special attention due to weathering and dirt/debris buildup. Deep Cleans provides a comprehensive exterior cleaning service which includes window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing for sidewalks and parkades and pressure washing for brick and siding.

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    Floor Care

    While you might have been DIYing your floor cleaning responsibilities, its time to stop. Only professional floor cleaning services can get you results that truly removes all dirt and build-up.

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    Germ Prevention

    Deep Cleans Canada provides several services geared towards germ prevention. We offer safe and environmentally friendly solutions that effectively target bacteria, viruses, and contaminants.

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    Heavy Build-Up

    Top to bottom, and edge to edge. Deep Cleans Canada provides heavy build-up service that truly removes grease build-up completely! Using specialty equipment, chemicals, and experience we effectively tackle jobs to tough to handle on your own.

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    High-Level Cleaning

    We don’t just dust, we vacuum! Deep Cleans is one of the only companies in Canada using a revolutionary high-level HEPA-filter vacuum. Dusting is ineffective and simply knocks dust into the air, allowing it to re-settle on other lower surfaces. Vacuuming truly removes the dirt, dust, and contaminants, eliminating it for good!

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    Laser Cleaning

    Using a beam of focused condensed light, our laser cleaning equipment excites electrons on the surfaces and causes a reaction called ablation. This essentially “blows-up” layers of dirt, leaving the underneath surface untouched.

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    Steam Cleaning

    With a wide range of steam cleaning equipment at our disposal, Deep Cleans Canada offers steam cleaning services and programs of all sizes. Our precision steam units allow cleaning of hard to reach areas, while our powerful industrial equipment can handle any large work/production spaces with ease.

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    Pressure Washing

    Our professional pressure washing services employ top of the line industrial grade equipment for both hot and cold pressure washing. We are able to clean patios, outdoor furniture, sidings, signage, kitchens, walk in fridges, dumpsters and garbage rooms, graffiti, gum, and even vehicles and fleets.

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    Deep Cleans: COVID-19

    When we first added steam cleaning services to our portfolio in 2015, we did so because of its high temperature and sterilization benefits. Deep Cleans Canada is happy to report that steam cleaning is noted as one of the most effective solutions for killing the coronavirus.

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    We do it ALL

    At Deep Cleans Canada, we offer a wide range of services to keep your building and equipment pristine!

    Our services include Steam Cleaning, High-Level Dusting and Vacuuming, Grease Removal, Floor Care, Equipment Deep Cleaning, Laser Cleaning, and Germ Prevention.

    Astonishing results, extraordinary service, and a commitment to health, safety, and innovation.

    When it comes to cleaning, trust the experts at Deep Cleans Canada!

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