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    Advanced Fabric Cleaning

    We use commercial grade  equipment to clean fabrics in a delicate, yet effective way.

    Our Advanced Fabric Cleaning service for carpet, area rugs and furniture, involves commercial grade shampooing and steam cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean (and disinfect) fabrics in a delicate, yet effective way. We perform basic fabric cleaning on all interior deep cleanings, however these specialized services take carpet & furniture cleaning to the next level!

    Carpet Shampooing

    With our high-powered shampooing equipment, we can get out even the toughest stains with no risk to small children or pets. Wine stains? Pet dander? Muddy footprints? We have got you covered!

     Area Rugs starting at – $199
    Carpeted Areas starting at – $149


    Furniture Shampoo & Detailing

    As the days of each year fly by, living rooms and dining rooms are high traffic areas in most homes. Upholstery should be cleaned at least once a year, so who is taking care of your furniture? At Deep Cleans, we offer a furniture detailing service that allows our highly trained teams to restore and preserve what you love most about your furnishings. Using commercial grade shampoos and steam cleaning, we can make your worn out upholstery look brand new!

    With our steam cleaning machines, we can disinfect and clean your furniture without staining, colour loss or harmful chemical residue. For more information on the benefits of steam cleaning, please visit our Steam Cleaning service page.

    Mattress $199

    Sofa starting at – $199

    Dining Chairs (fabric and/or wood)$35 per chair
    (4 chairs minimum)